How does THE RESET affect my body?

With the 3-day THE RESET cure you will experience a true break for body and mind. Instead of processing empty calories, saturated fat, too much sugar, excessive amounts of coffee and other stimulants, your body experiences something new: it is fed meals consisting of pure and natural ingredients. Thanks to purely basic ingredients, your body is relieved, your digestion is stimulated with plenty of fiber and your body's own self-healing powers are activated (autophagy).

How do I best prepare for THE RESET?

In the best case, you make sure you eat a balanced, alkaline-rich diet even before the THE RESET cure. You can find recipes and shopping lists here.

Are the meals gluten and lactose free?

The ingredients of THE RESEST treatment are basically 100% gluten- and lactose-free. At the machine
Processing and production of the ingredients, especially when separating the wheat germ (gluten-free) from the endosperm, cannot be carried out with such precision that it cannot be 100% guaranteed that the soups are gluten-free

How long do THE RESET meals keep?

The meals have a shelf life of 1 year from the date of manufacture. You can find the individual sell-by date on the small stickers on the respective packaging.

Can I exercise during this time?

When your body feels like exercising, give it exercise. However, pay attention to what your body is telling you. Maybe yoga sessions or a long walk are the right thing? Autophagy processes are reinforced by exercise!

How do I ensure long-lasting effects after the treatment?

After THE RESET cure, make sure you eat a balanced, alkaline-rich diet (you can find recipes and inspiration here) and allow your body and mind regular breaks. By regularly performing THE RESET cycles, you can ensure that the desired effects remain.

Wir bieten keinen Versand in dein Land an?

Für den Fall, dass du an einem Ort wohnt an den wir zur Zeit keinen Versand anbieten, kontaktiere uns gerne! Mit Sicherheit finden wir dann eine gemeinsame Lösung!